Monday, 23 April 2018


The unexpectedly warm weather may bring red mite, so I decded to do a preventative clean at the Allotment.   I emptied and cleaned and poultry shielded the shed and two coops.  I also dod the nestboxes in the shed.      I scrubbed and Miltoned all the poo trays,  the three metal drinkers, and the watering can.  When I got to the end, the shed was dry enough to put stuff back in,  so I stalosaned and diatomed,  then put stuff back in, and put fresh Aubiose everywhere. Then the other two coops.

One of the Girls was desperate to lay part way through this,  and she seemed very upset. I made up a neat box for her in the shed, but she wouldn't use it,  she wanted to lay where she usually lays. So I made up a nest box in the appropriate coop and then worked round her.

I wished that Small Person was here to help,  it's much quicker and easier with 2.  It took me several hours, I'm cream crackered.

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