Thursday, 5 April 2018

Holiday over

Small Person was here on Tuesday Wednesday and Today.

She has been super excited for the last couple of weeks because we've arranged for my youngest DGD to come and stay, and they haven't seen each other for three years.   DD and I exchanged messages a few days ago, and DGD was in a similar state of excitement.

So, Tuesday,  Small Person was delivered to my door ny her Mum.  We jumped in my car and drove for 2 and a half hours to collect DGD.     They spent about 15 mins in DGD's bedroom, while I had a cup of tea and chatted to my DGSs.

.I've lost track of everything we did,  but I remember that making slime was part of it.   They went to the shop to get some of the ingredients,  and they went back to the shop later to get some more.  One of the shopkeepers phoned me to check it was OK to sell them a particular item (shaving foam) because he was a little suspicious about their motives for buying it.   In the hardware shop, the shopkeeper guessed that they were making slime when they asked him for Laundry Starch.  They went back later for yet more PVA, and he remembered them.

I also made leggings for DGD - a test pair, and then a pair in expensive fabric.  She was not particularly impressed, which was a bit of a disappointment. I'm pleased that I've done them, but Ill focus my making energy elsewhere next.

They played lots of games, went to the Park,  played with loom bands,  chatted.   It was mostly OK.  They are very different personalities, in almost every way you can think of.   It's an interesting dynamic,  challenging (draining)  at times.

We met up with DD at lunchtime to hand DGD back,  and it seems likely that Small Person will go to stay with them in the Summer Holidays if mutually convenient dates can be found.  They'll l

Small Person was tired and quiet on the way home.    We got home and had about half an hour before her mum came to take her riding.

And that's the end of the Easter Holidays.

It's all been a bit of an abrupt end,  and I'll miss her.  It's a long time to the next holidays. 

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