Thursday, 26 April 2018


For our last-but-one birthday's,  DS/DDIL bought us a Couples Blacksmithing experience, some way away at a forge in Herefordshire.    We had planned to go late summer last year, but plans for this were stymied early in the summer by a complicated broken arm which was going to take many months to heal.  As soon as I knew we weren't going to be able to use the voucher  I contacted the company and asked if they could extend it.  I explained why, I was phoning  with still 4 months before the expiry date,  I offered to send proof of incapacity... and they agreed to a limited extension,  on a weekday only.   That suited me, I wouldn't have picked a weekend date anyway.

We have commitments at home which make overnighters (for both of us at the same time) difficult,  so we wanted to be there and back in a day.    Worst case, we'd leave at silly o'clock to arrive for a morning course, and then get back mid afternoon.   I was pleased to find that they did a session starting at lunchtime which meant this was doable without an early start .   We'd only miss one of our commitments, and that was manageable.

Yesterday was the day.

A good journey there.  Sparkling sunshine when we left home,  not so much when we reached Herefordshire.  The scenery was spectacular, and the sun did come out eventually.       Oldfield Forge was easy to find, the setting is magnificent,   and we were surprised and pleased to find it was just the two of us booked in.  

I picked the easiest thing to make,  a hook,   a DH picked a useful thing to make,  a poker.  

Of course this was all right up DH's street and he took to it like a duck to water.     It was more of a challenge for me, I've never done any sort of metal working or woodworking.  The process was actually being quite straightforward, it was just all new,  and I was pleased with the way my hook turned out.

The chap teaching us was lovely, very patient, and very encouraging.  Just what I needed.  

I decided to make a second hook, to consolidate my learning.    Poker finished, DH also decided to make a hook and of course his was not only complete before mine, it was perfect.   I don't mind.  Mine is fine; not perfect but perfectly useable. And MeMade.

We stopped at The Red Lion at Peterstow on the way home.  The food was excellent, much better than we were expecting.  I nervously had the pulled pork.  I've had pulled pork in pubs before and it's been really dry.  This was lovely,  it was shoulder of pork in Five Spice,  and I couldn't have made it better myself.   They served kimchi with the meal,  and it was lovely. Better than my own attempt at kimchi some years ago,  and I think I might have another try.   I'd definitely make a detour to visit there again.

Happy day.


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