Thursday, 12 April 2018

Bearing up

My latest "make" is for a charity called "Little Baby & Co".  This charity provides special items for "Angel Babies",  babies which are miscarried before 18 weeks.

There was an appeal last year on one of the embroidery groups I belong to  to make angel wraps for them  The angel wrap is a cleverly designed piece of clothing which wraps round the miscarried tiny  baby, which would otherwise not be dressed at all (it's not possible to put even dolls clothes on them.  It's shaped a bit like angel wings.

Meryl from MerylMakes digitised the pattern so it would work on an embroidery machine, and she did two options.  It's a really small item of clothing.  I tried 3 times (using 2 different options), and I just couldn't make it work, my workmanship wasn't good enough.  I gave up in the end.

A few days ago, there was a request to see if anyone could make some tiny tiny bears, smaller than a 1p piece.    Meryl again stepped in and digitised a tiny bear,  and I had a go.   My first attempt was awful.   

I then decided to try and do a whole load in one go,   hooping the front of the bear and some wadding, and stitching the face and outline.  Then I put some felt underneath, and stitched the outline again.

I then spent a few hours cutting them out,  and  cutting & trimming them more carefully.   I wasn't able to trim them quite to the shape of a bear, but they looked as good as others had posted on the facebook page.    

There was a lot of trimming, which was frustrating.   I love the multi needle capability of my machine,  but I miss the cleverness of my top of the range, single needle, Janome.     I think that's why I haven't bonded so well with the multi needle.

I didn't think to take a pic of any of the cut bears before I packaged them up to send.
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