Tuesday, 17 April 2018


I made a thank you card for my uncle.  He built me a beautiful castle.  I embroidered a castle for the thank you. Its quite large...both the castle made for me, and the embroidery.   This is my second version.  I managed to snip the border thread on my first  one.

DH is teaching himself how to cut glas and join the pieces using copper tape so it looks leaded.  He's planning to make me a terrarium big enough to cover the castle.

Spring is finally on its way. The Forsythia, which normally blooms in February, is finally in blossom.; the grass has been cut;  DH is cutting back the pampas grass (which will be a bit of a shock for the chooks); we've emptied the stored wood out of the greenhouse; and  I accidentally Spring cleaned a set of kitchen drawers.  I was looking for something, which caused me to empty it out, which resulted in me sorting it out as I put stuff back, which then impacted on the contents of two other drawers.

Not sure I can stand the excitement.

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