Sunday, 8 April 2018

Finish line

I completed 3 UFOs (unfinished objects) today.

First was the top that I made to wear to the show at Birmingham,  but stopped working on because I stuffed up the shoulders.   I cut and attached a band for the neckline today, then overlocked (serged) it, and then folded it over and stitched in the ditch all the way around.  I had planned to coverstitch it instead of the overlocking/folding/topstitching, but my coverstitch machine was in a mess.  I don't quite know what happened to it.... I'm wondering if the small girls accidentally did something? 

I fixed the coverstitch,  rethreaded it, and did the waistband on the posh fabric leggings for DGD.  I also attempted to fix the ankle hems,  but that didn't go so well.  I was tempted to cut them off and redo them, but I suspect they may be too short then.   As the test pair had been left behind, I also did some finishing to the ankle hems of those  and I'm not sure I improved them.

I think they're all done now.  I just need to package them up and send them.  And think about what to say to DD about the less than great ankles.

I've got another top cut out waiting to be sewn  but I've had enough sewing for the mo.     I've got a couple of "really ought to do" embroidery projects, so I'm going to try and do those next.

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