Saturday, 1 March 2014


I had a flash of inspiration some weeks back, thinking it must be possible to buy a  pressure washer for use where there wasn't any electricity.   And it is.   I did some research and stacked some possibles on my Ebay watchlist, to get DH to look over.  Then I discovered by accident that not all of these could take water from a waterbutt (who knew?!) and so that cut the list down a bit.

And then I wondered why I couldn't just attach my pressure washer to a generator.  A generator would be a bit more versatile.

It turned out that I neded agenerator of a certain output.  And I needed to check whether my pressure washer would run off a generator, And then I had to chek whether my pressure washer would draw from a warer butt.

Amazingly, the pressure washer passed all the requirements.  DH found some generators and, when I discovered how heavy they were, I insisted that it had wheels.  We got one.

Today was the first sunny day since the generator arrived, so we packed p the car and headed for the allotment.    I was going to jet wash the Dinner Chicks home;  dh was going to use the electric chainsaw to cut up some of the branches which had fallen in the recent storms.

It all worked rather well.  I was surprised at how little water the pressure washer actually used.    I was temtpted to give the older houses a going over, but I wasn't sure they'd stand up to it.

Previously DH had cleared and rearranged one half of the allotment, ready for re-seeding.   It only needs the hen houses moving, and another Heras panel.   We were going to move the houses ready, but it all got  a bit complicated.

We decided to leave it until the next sunny day, and we'll take the house that DH built months ago at the same time.

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