Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Hello to ?? the Cross Trainer

The cross trainer doesn't have a name yet.   At the moment, it's an it.

So how is it working out?

Coincidentally, the lady who sold it to us, and who was absolutely fabulous during the whole process,  emailed me today to ask if everything was OK.    She had been as nervous of it being sent by courier as I was,  although she was much reassured when the courier arrived and turned out to be a really lovely chap with a very presentable van and suitable accoutrements to protect the CT on its journey.

I'd emailed her as soon as it arrived to let her know that it had arrived safely, and I left feedback for her.  .   At that point we hadn't put it together.  She'd obviously been worrying about whether everything was as we expected, hence the email today.

Back to the question in hand - how is it working out?

...we got it all put together, adjusted the feet etc, and it's working well. I'm not surprised it took you til 1am to take it apart and wrap it.

We've each used it several times since it was all set up yesterday afternoon. First time was a killer. We had a treadmill before (for walking, not running), and this is so different. We knew it would be though, and we knew exactly what to expect from this model. We had visited Fitness Superstre to help us decide what cross trainer we wanted to buy before we started looking for one.

That didn't stop us hopping on and overdoing it completely in the first 5 minutes. We've now tried out the beginners programme, and have been playing with the manual settings. We haven't quite got to grips with the programming yet, I need to steel myself to RTFM properly. Or my husband does. One of us does. I think the priority is probably to learn how to set up the individual "quick start" options so we don't have to adjust it each time one gets off and the other gets on.Although it is quite amusing watching my husband's legs cope with my long stride setting.
 I can see this is going to keep us amused for some time.

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