Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sound of silence

 Power cut.

Lots of streets.
Internet to find out who to call. Facebook to find out who else is affected. Not quite tbe blitz spirit, but much more cheerful than not havimg it.

Very quiet without the whitenoise in the background.

Downloaded app to find out ongoing status.

Fortunately we keep a torch by the back door and could use this to find other torches and candles. I knew those beeswax candles would come in handy.  And the Christmas candle.

DH had a powerful light in the boot of his car which lasted over an hour (despite not being charged up since August). Have to get another one of those for "next time".

Dinner was in the oven. On the downside., being electric the power went off. On the plus side, it remained hot long enough to finish cooking.

All restored after an hour and a half.

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