Friday, 28 February 2014


Yesterday evening I went to my second flower class (I've signed up to do one a month for 4 months).
The subject was CentrePieces

The teacher, Janni, likes to use other materials, not just flowers.  It's really made me think about what I can use.

I made 2 centrepieces yesterday.  The first was in a fairly large round metal "bucket"

Finished Item:
 Building it up:
Start with the foliage...


Then add the large items (in the case bark and lemons)

Time for a second one:

This was a quick one I made at the end, using a standard small plastic tray.  I was originally only going to have one rose in the middle, and the feathers were gorgeous and floaty.  However, I needed to put a little more in the centre and ended up with 3 roses.  The roses look lovely, but they've completely crowded out my feathers.

It still looks OK. It's impossible to photograph it to show it off properly.

I'm happy, anyway.

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