Sunday, 2 March 2014

Under orders

Took Tilda out for a dustbath on Friday, but she didn't want to do it.

By the time I got back into the house and to the 'puter to switch on the  HenCam,  she was out of the dustbath and sitting under one of the benches.

I went out straigtwaway to collect her.  I'[m not sure she was actually ready to come in though. Normally when I put my hands down, she steps forward and leans her chest into my hands so I can pick her up.  She didn't do that. I had to move the bench to retrieve her.

I didn't get a chance to put her out yesterday. When it was sunny, we were at the allotment,  and in the afternoon there always seemed to be someone in the Run.

Today I got back from the market (I bought 3 weeks worth of raw milk today) to find that Tilda was sitting under my kitchen stool, looking out of the window.   She started burbling as soon as I appeared. 

I was a bit too busy to pay attention, so I just chatted back to her while I made space in the freezer for the milk. I'm using up leftover mashed potato to go with our dinner today,  and I got some faggots out for dinner tomorrow.  Then I moved on to sorting out another kitchen drawer, and then I  used some lemon spray stuff on my wooden kitchen utensils and boards, etc etc. Worked well on the wood, but made a mess of everything else on the worktop!

I realised that Tilda had been chuntering away at me for some time,  and it occurred to me that maybe she was asking for the dustbath.  The Run was empty, so I put my hands down, she lurched into them, and I popped down the garden and put her in.

By the time I got back and turned on the RunCam, she was dutbathing away.  She was mid-roll when I took a snapshot
 Back in the kitchen - I think that I need to do some meal planning. 

We've been using up the ready meals (leftovers that we've frozen) for the last week or so,  but there are some other items which need using up.  I've got some bought pastry that has been there for longer than it should, and there isn't really any need to keep it in there.  I'm going to make something I haven't made before. Not sure what yet.

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