Monday, 3 March 2014

Bad Mummy

Tilda seemed quite perky this morning.  She'd already had a bit of a wander around the kitchen by the time I got downstairs, and she was sitting under the breakfast bar stools.

We emptied the dishwasher and put stuff away. I made breakfast, poached egg on toast as usual, and then I went and did some stuff on the PC.  Tilda chuntered away, getting quite vocal sometimes. When this happened, I wen into the kitchen to see if she was trying to tell me (a la Skippy) that Poppy was out, or that Geoff had falled down a well.   Nothing was amiss.

I was a bit puzzled, but I just assumed she was having one of those days.  She might be asking to go out for a dustbath, but as it was wet outside the other Girls were lounging around in the covered run.

Much. much later, I went out to make a cup of tea. Tilda was still grumbling. An image of Yoghurt  popped into my head, so I checked her yogurt galley pot (yes, she does have one), and saw that it was empty.  

And then I saw that the door into her pied-a-terre was closed.

We'd obviously closed it so we could get into one of the cupboards to put something away.

Poor Tilda.  She wasn't going to go hungry, she has dishes with food strategically placed around the kitchen (including under my bar stool)... but her water was inside. Bad mummy!

I opened the door and apologised.  She immediately shuffled in and headed for....the yoghurt pot.  She stuck her head in and banged her beak against the bottom of the empty pot. Then she just looked at me.

A teaspoon of yog was duly dispensed, and immediately eaten.

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