Saturday, 22 March 2014

Ladies and cocktails

Yesterday was a cocktail day with my lovely friend (Y), her sister (D) and my Aunt, (J).

This time it was at Y's.   I arrived at 10.30 laden down with assorted Monin syrups,  an enormous bag of lemons and limes,  a small and select range of alcohols, some special chocolate bitters, and various cocktail making sundries.  And eggs. And cream.

Y supplied the majority of the alcohol.  And most of the ice. 

After delivering me, DH went to collect and deliver J,  and we got started at about 11am.

Our first suite of cocktails were based on the Collins family of drinks.   I carefuly noted the alochol, the type and amount of syrup,  the lemon or lime, and the reactions.       It was  a successful session, and we quicjly got into the swing of things.

We stopped for lunch, walking over to our village cafe. Something to eat, some coffee,  and a walk  prepared us for the afternoon.   We started with the Sours,  and used up all 6 egg whites (the yolks will be made into custard).   We also used some of Y's eggs,  and never has it been easier to show the difference between a pet hen and a commercial hen.   We ran out of ice, and DH very kindly agreed to bring over a couple of bags.  Fortunately, we live close by.

We then moved on to Margaritas, Mojitos, and Mules.  And Y made a Martini for someone who was curious about it.

When we'd all had enough,  we  chatted until DH arrived at about 7.30 to collect us.

I think we may be doing that again.

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