Monday, 10 March 2014

Worm turns.

Tilda's been out for a dustbathe and sunbathe each day for the last few days.    She had also been spending time in the Girls' free range area. Until I saw Poppy go for her.   Poppy. Poppy! My loveliest little girl.

I'm not surprised really.  When Tilda decided to move back out wit the Girls last summer, she was pretty horrible to Poppy and Lotti.     I guess Poppy was concerned that Tilda was thinking about joining them again, and just wanted to get A Few Things Understood.

Since then I haven't let Tilda in with the others.

Yesterday we rearranged the free range area, so that haf of it was resting and they had a whole new bit to use.   For part of that time, it wasn't practical to contain them. They invaded the rest of the garden with glee.  Tilda shuffled off and sat under a shrub, well out of the way.

I found her being attacked by Poppy. 

Poppy had been on the other side of the garden. She must have spotted Tilda and made a beeline for her.

I ended up carrying Tilda to wherever DH and I were working, keeping an eye on her, and then moving her as we moved.   I would have just carried her round the garden, but she finds being carried a bit uncomfortable, so I only carry her when I need to physically move her.

She seemed very perky today.

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