Monday, 3 March 2014


We had a problem with a blocked gully outside our driveway, caused by someone (not us) sweeping crabapples into the drain last autumn.

Every time it rains, we get a moat.    In the recent floods, the moat got quite large, and extended over half the road at it's widest point.   The blockage was also affecting the nearby garages.   We contacted the council, sending pictures,  to ask if someone could come and clear it.

After the floods went away, we still had a moat.  Every time it rained, the moat increased.  One day, a little council truck turned up and the men worked on the drain.  They were very quick, we assumed their high-powered vacuum had done its job.

It rained again, and the moat was back.

After a few days of rain, I contacted the Council again - just in case they thought it was fixed. I sent new pics to show that I wasn't making it up.

Another Council truck turned up today. This is a BIG truck.  There is a lot of activity, the drain cover has been up, there has been mega-vacuuming, and now there is a lot of banging. 

I'm intrigued by the banging. What are they banging?  Has the wodge of apples set solid at the bottom or something?

After several minutes thumping,  the vacuum was employed again.  Then a hose.

I went out to see if hey would like a cup of tea. They were making a lot of noise, so I wrote "Cup of Tea? Coffee?" on one side of a piece of paper, with  "sugar?  milk?" on the other side. By the time I opened the door, the noise had stopped. I didn't need ny sign.

I asked them if they'd like tea, and they said thanks, but they were just going.

The moat has gone, so hopefully it's now fixed.

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