Monday, 3 March 2014


Today's planned meal is faggots, which I found in the freezer - a treat from visiting one of the many food shows.  I also got some leftover rice out of the freezer,  as I'm in use-up mode.

I think we'll have faggots-out-of-the-hole  I love Yorkshire Puddings (my mum made the best ones), but I really don't like -in-the-holes.  I find the Yorkshire doesn't cook as well when there is something else in the fat.  So we have two old 7 inch cake tins that we use. We make 2 giant yorkshires, then put the whatever (which has been separately cooked) inside.

I was originally going to have passata with the faggots, but this didn't seem right with Yorkshire pudding.  A rummage around unearthed some beef gravy, leftover from last time we had roast beef.   That will do perfectly.

I'm not really sure about rice, yorkshire pudding, and gravy as a combo.... but it's what I've got out, so we'll try it and see.

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