Sunday, 13 November 2011

Catch up

Been so busy with work, I haven't had much time to do anything else.

Florence (Australorp) is continuing her gradual moult, and is looking a bit sorry for herself.   Milly (Cream Legbar, oldest hen) is finishing her moult; her little quiffy hair do is all spiky, like she's been busy with the hair gel, and her tail feathers haven't grown back yet.  Tilda (Sasso, special needs hen) has finished her moult and is sporting a gorgeous new set of feathers. Her comb is still pink and shrivelled, so she;s not back to normal yet.   Roobarb (Welsh Black) hasn't seemed to moult, and her bg red comb shows she's not starting yet.  Custard (Sasso, Tilda's big bully of a sister) also hasn't started moulting, and her comb is huge and red.

On the Allotment, we're preparing to cull the last 2 "spare" cockerels and 2 of the dinner girls, so tomorrow we'll be opening up everything into one huge area.  The remaining cockerel will be overjoyed,  and we've got a number of saddles ready in case we see any problems.   Once they've settled down a bit, we'll have a bit of a rearrange so that we can put one area to rest, ready for next year's babies.

We still have some bees. We haven't been in the hives, of course, but we still see them coming and going a bit.

DH has been cheesemaking again, started a "Brie" type cheese and a hard cheese today.   He's also planning to turn the last of the chillis into a couple of types of chilli oil.

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