Wednesday, 30 November 2011


What a glorious day!

Yesterday, it was cold, dark, icy/drizzly weather.  I had planned to go jumper shopping as Woolovers were visiting a town not too far away from me.  I thought I could go and try on a few things, get an idea of their sizing and styles,  and then I'd be able to buy online during the winter as well.  The weather was so foul I just couldn't face going out in it.

What a difference today.  Chiro appointment at 10am, so I was out of the house at 9.15 so I could fill up with fuel en route.  The sun was bright,  I was inside my car,  and outside it was either a glorious chilly Autumn day or a baking hot summer day: only my frozen toes told me which it was.  I didn't take a coat (I don't know, it just wasn't that cold going from the house to the car)  Everything looked so clean, and green,  and pleasant.

Chiro told me my glands were swollen,  which means I'm probably fighting off an infection.   DH has his latest persistent cough,  so I expect I'll be starting on that soon.  

Kedgeree for dinner tonight.  I had to make some room in the freezer for the spare raviolis, and I took some rice out.   DH loves smoked haddock, and he koves kedgeree.   During the last 5 years or so of trying to overcome my fishphobia, I learned that I can stomach smoked haddock, just about, as long as I have stuff to mix it with.  I haven't eaten kedgeree, so it'll be good to try something new.

I've got some mutton arriving tomorrow.  We've been eating through the stuff in the freezer, and the last of the mutton was eaten a long time ago.   I'm lookin gofrward to having a decent, full flavoured shepherds pie very soon.


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