Monday, 21 November 2011

A grand day out - PART 1

DH and DMiL's burthdays yesterday, and we decided to suprise DMiL with a flying visit.    We arranged for DBiL to tak MiL and FiL out to dinner,and we would be waiting in the restaurant when they arrived.

It's about a 4 hour drive, and we broke the journey after an hour and a half to visit Tracklements, who were having an open-factory morning.  It was lovely.  We followed the sat nav up a small lane, to an old airfield.  There was a small bus waiting to come out - I was shocked. Are they so big that they have had to lay on buses to bring people from the car parking area to the factory??  We turned in. Oh. My, God, the industrial estate was huuuuuge.  I thought they were a small company?  I've been tricked!

But then we realised that it was an eclectic group of companies, one of which was a coach/bus hire company,  on a disused airfield: it wasn't all one big Tracklements factory.    I let out an involuntary squeal as we drove past Ascott Smallholding Suppliesas I had no idea they were in the same place.

Very enjoyable short tour of the "factory", and I was pleased to see that they live up to their claims.  Everything is mde with ingredients that you would find in your storecupboard at home,  the quality is superb, made in small batches etc etc etc.  I use their products anyway, but took the opportunity to stock up on a couple of things I hadn't tried.  I even bought some green chilli jam, despite having jars and jars and jars of home made stuff.  The ingredients in theirs (apart from the chilli) sounded interesting: lime, ginger, fresh coriander.  And some Tarragon Mustard,  I'm loving my home made Tarragon Vinegar, so I thought I'd see if what it's like as mustard.

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