Thursday, 27 October 2011

Dollopey women

There is one thing that I dislike more than dollopey women,  it's when I act like one. (rolls eyes)

I did the Allotment chooks today, as DH was tied up. All fine. One of the Welsh Blacks is running around like a hedgehog, obviouslyin some discomfort. SHe dropped all her feathers in the space of a few days, and now they are all gromwing back at once.  Poor love.

Anyway, It was raining.  I did the chores, locked up, and left.  Several hundred yards away,  I didn't remember turning on the electric fence. Now, I've been here before.  I do it automatically.  But at this time of year, I just couldn't take the risk.

I thought I would save time by cutting across some other allotments to the back of ours,  as I had DH's keys which had the fence tester on.   It was harder than I expected to get to the back of our allotment. When I got there, the fence wasn't on.

I walked round to the front, and I could see that the energiser was on. BUt the fence wasn't.  The bit of wire had that links the energiser to the fence had come off.  I said a rude word. Last time I'd made that happen, it had been very serious. There was no clip on the end of the wire. I couldn't get it to stay on the pin thing.  I ohoned OC Ohter Chap) to see if he could come and fix it. 

As I was still on the allotment, he asked me what sort of screws the casing had, so he could bring the right tools.  Nothing for it, I sank to my knees in the mud to try and work it out.  And then I realised that I could actually reconnect it myself, it was the previouss energiser that was unfixable when this happened.  I told OC that I thought I could fix it.  He warned me to disconnect the energiser from the battery.  It's turned off, does it matter.  Yes.  So, I unlocked the door, went in, disconnected the battery. Connected the wire to the terminal, connected the energiser to the fence, reconnected the battery, turned the energiser on - and it worked!  Why was I such a dollop that I hadn't just checked it properly in the first place?!!  OC just chuckled when I told him.

Several hundred yards back to the car, I couldn't remember whether I'd locked up.  I remembered shutting the door, but I could not remember locking it.  Botheration.    

I had locked it.

Still, the exercise is good for me.

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