Monday, 28 November 2011

Sunday Lunch

DH wanted a roast dinner for Sunday evening,  so I got out one of our cheaper cuts of pork. Belly, 1.7kg and boneless.  Followed Jamie Olivers recipe for slow pork shoulder (bone out), and it was amazing. As always.   I didn't turn the veg into gravy, far too tasty for that, instead I used some of the pork stock we made when we butchered half a pig recently.

I also had a tray of roast vegetables, including some cauliflower. I've done cauli this way before, and it has worked; I've done it before another time and it was burnt to a crisp. This time, it worked well.   I've decided that the trick is to add the cauliflower at the same time as I put the Yorkshire pudds in the oven -  so it gets a bit less than the rest of the roasted veg.

The tray also included some home grown butternut squash. That wasn't for eating with lunch though,  that was to be saved for a bit later in the week....

I made extra swede-and-carrot-mash enough tto freeze 2 lots for dinner accompaniment another time. I've still got some uncooked swede i the fridge, which I'll give to the Girls next time they have to be shut in (their large run)for a while.
 Crackling was crispy,  pork was moist and tender and delicious.   I'm making Chinese style pancakes and we'll have the leftover pork with hoisin sauce and pancakes etc this evening.

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