Monday, 21 November 2011

A Grand Day out - Part 2

We left Tracklements, and we continued our journey.  

We planned to stop for a pub lunch.  One stop on the trip is a bit of a rarity,  and I don't think we've EVER made 2 stops before. 

I thought it would be pleasant to stop at Abergavenny, which was en route and is gaining a but of a reputation as a foodie place.   I then thought it might be interesting to visit Matt Tebbut's pub, which was just outside Abergavenny.  Matt Tebbut is a chef/presenter on UK TV Food's Market Kitchen.  We've been to see it recorded, and he was a nice enough chappie.

When we arrived at The Foxhunter it turned out to be a rather upmarket restaurant, not a gastro pub.  It was 2pm and we decided we'd eat there anyway, despite the fact that we were going out to dinner that evening (Typical, We don't go out to eat for months, and here we are out to dinner for the second time in NOvember and twice in one day).

We ordered, deciding to share a starter and picking something we'd never normally have.   While we waited for the food, we wondered idly if Matt actually still cooked here, or whether he was now more of an Executive Chef.  We decided that he probably cooked here when he wasn't recording TV shows - after all, he'd need to keep his hand in so that he could continue to say "at the restaurant we...". And I'm sure that the TV sow must bring people to his restaurant. Well, it brought us and I doubt we're the only ones.

Food was good.  DH caught sight of Matt, so it was good to know he was there after all.  We weren't sure whether he would like to be recognised, and we aren't really the sort to go up to "famous" people. 

As we got into the car, I felt a bit sorry that we hadn't outwardly recognised him.  I suspect that he probably would have been pleased to be acknowledged,  and I could easily have said something non-gushing, like "Will you be back in Market Kitchen soon?".

Maybe another time.

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