Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Home made

No work today, so I took the opportunity to make some things I haven't made for a while.   First up, a batch of pasta dough to make home made ravioli this evening. Second,  some focaccia, to eat with the ravioli.
And now I'm thinking about ravioli filling.  I have a small amount of roasted squash from Sunday;  some ricotta cheese from DH's latest cheesemaking exploits;  I've got the last of the belly pork; and some mushrooms which need using up.   I think I might start by cooking the muchrooms in garlic butter, I can then perhaps blend them with some pork,  and (separately) some of the ricotta.  I can mix the squash and ricotta together... hmm.  Need to see what this all tastes like, I think.

I usually use a largish ravioli mould, but I bought some giant ravioli stamps to make giant ravioli, so I might have a go with those for a change..

I'll see what inspiration strikes.

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