Thursday, 30 June 2011

Still fruity

DH picked 8 pounds of cherries today and decided to make some Cherry Wine.   I don't have high hopes, as home made wine usually tastes like home made wine. However, we opened some  (last year's? the year before?) plum wine recently, and that tasted very good.  Like a good sherry. Or Madeira (I love Madeira).  So, we'll see. At least I think it was plum. It might have been damson. Bother.  I'm usually good at record keeping, but I've slipped up here by assuming that No Home Made Wine is G|oing to Be Worth Recording.

I picked yet more cherries, and bottled them.  The Girls love it when we're out picking cherries because we toss any overripe or otherwise unsuitable ones into their pen.

The pasteuriser is on now, with lots of 1/4 litre Weck flasks in.  Really pretty.    I'm thinking that 1/4 l is a good size for some bottle cherries (each bottle holds about 50 stoned cherries),  or cherry compote, or whatever else is in there.   There are still quite a lot of cherries on the tree,  so we'll have to see what else to do.

Thank goodness for my cherry stoner.

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  1. We are going to be making home brew in the future too. We just bought a book.

    Glad your plum/damson wine turned out well.

    Good luck with this one!

    Martin :)