Monday, 27 June 2011


I seem to be on a roll.

I've just started a batch of Limoncello.  It'll be a while before it's ready,  and it has another step in the process in a week's time,  but I'm sure it will be lovely.

The original recipe was for 1l of Vodka.  I used a 70cl bottle, and adjusted the quantities accordingly.

Step 1
3.5 ripe lemons, pared very thinly. I used a potato peeler to try and avoid white pith.
70cl bottle plain vodka (1L for 1L recipe)

Step 2, 1 week later
525g Sugar (750g if 1 litre)
500ml boiling water (700ml if 1 Litre)

Step 3, 1 week later still
1 lemon to decorate.

Step 1
Pare the rind, avoiding the pith.  Put into a large (1.5L) Le Parfait/Kilner jar.  If using 1 litre of vodka, you could use 2x1litre jars and divide things between the two.

Pour on the vodka, shake gently.  Leave for a week, shaking from time to time
Step 2 - 1 week later
Put the sugar in a bowl, pour on the boiling water, stir until the sugar has dissolved.  Add the vodka and lemon mix, stir well.   Recipe says cover and leave for a week,  I would put it into a clean Kilner jar.
Step 3 - Another week later
Strain the liquid and divide into bottles or jars for long term storage/gifts etc.  Add a few strips of fresh lemon rind to each jar.

Recipe says this keeps for years, and has some fab ideas on what to do with it, including - making an adult lemon drizzle cake;  serving it chilled in chilled shot glasses as a digestif (after dinner drink).

I'm rather liking this "How to Make Your Own Drinks" book by Susy Atkins.   I've come across a number of similar recipes before (my previous must-have book on turning our home produce into delicious alcoholic beverages was "cordials from your kitchen". In the US, "cordial" doesn't mean a non-alcoholic squash!


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