Saturday, 4 June 2011


Many years ago, DH (who is not known for eating cakes) announced that he really used to like Battenburg cakes.  I took this with a pinch of salt: he'd previously told me that he his favourite steamed pudding was Spotted Dick, but when I cooked it for him he complained that it had sultanas in! Turned out he didn't mean Spotted Dick,  he meant Jam Roly Poly.

Some time after his pronouncement - and still quite some years ago - I came across a Battenburg tin in Lakeland, which I eagerly bought so I could surprise him.    It's never been out of it's packaging.

Teh other evening, Matt Tebbutt made a Battenburg cake on Market Kitchen (Or "Perfect..." as they are calling the current show) and I resolved to get the tin out and make one.  I promptly forgot all about it again, until this morning.

My Battenburg is currently in the oven.  I didn't have enough butter to spare, so I used Stork: the recipe did say "Butter or Margarine". The mix tastes looooovely (and pink cake mix just looks so yummy) so I hope the finished cake is alright.

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  1. That will be a very nice surprise!