Monday, 6 June 2011

The chicks Littlees are having a whale of a time on the allotment.  Lot's of space, lots of grass...  They have grown such a lot.

Sasso x Welsh Black (whichever of the 2 girls is carrying the splash gene)
Sasso x Sasso
Littlees being watched through the netting by Norman, Mrs, Rose or Ruby(Can't tell), Not Norman, and Roo
They're very inquisitive and friendly birds. They don't particularly want to be picked up but, with a couple of exceptions, they don't seem too bothered about it when we do.

A number of them had their rings changed for a larger size yesterday.   I've seen a different type of ring available now, and I've ordered some in various sizes (fro Country Fayre as they had a range of colours and sizes) as I think they might be better for growing birds. Rather than being a clip, or a spiral, these ones are a sort of coil.  I think they might be better for 2 reasons. (a) If they get caught up, they will come off;  (b) they will expand as the chook grows - we obviously won't rely on this, just seems to me that it'll be a bit safer for a growing bird.    We'll see what the quality is like when they arrive.

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