Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Feeling fruity

More lolly moulds arrived in the post today.  I needed quite a few, and I couldn't justify paying the price of the lovely ones at Lakeland, so I found somewhere that did the same sort of moulds but for much less money.

I started by making cherry lollies.    I got my cherry stoner out to help, and I decided that I might as well make good use of it. So,  i went on to prepare a load of cherry compote, which is now sitting in a jar waiting to be pasteurised.   And as I am going to have to get the pasteuriser out(having read that pressure canning isn't recommended for soft fruit), I thought I might as well make up some other bottles of stuff to make good use of it.    Next up,  a bottle of stoned cherries in syrup.  And then a bottle of tayberries in syrup.

By this time I was fed up of cherries,  sugar syrups,  cherry stones,   sugar, general stickiness,  my mouli, and preserving jars.  The Girls were lined up by the cherry tree, as I had been casually tossing them the less-than-perfect cherries.

I'm waiting for the lollies to freeze so I can try one.  And then I'll have another round of cherry bashing tomorrow.

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  1. We bought some funky ones from the Disney shop, we looked at them in Lakeland and I almost fainted..

    Martin :)