Saturday, 2 July 2011

Chicken Maintenance

DH was away, so I was looking after the allotment chickens.  I was working most of last week, so haven't seen them for a while.

The youngsters are growing (still) and look fabulous.  One of the boys is attempting to crow, with that breaking-voice sound that young cockerels have.  To my surprise, Roo didn't crow back.    In fact, I noticed,  he didn't crow at all.  Not once.  Not even when the cockerel on the neighbouring allotment got started.   Either he's old enough to not be too stressed by youngsters,  or he's not feeling himself.  I reassured him that he has a home (and a harem) for life, but it didn't make any difference.

I iscrubbed and disinfected all the drinkers, and mucked out the 2 coops and the youngsters shed.   

The water barrels needed cleaning.  They've needed doing for a week, but I kept forgetting to arrange to borrow a water pump to get water directly to the allotment.  . So today I did them anyway.  Scrubbed, disinfected, and then refilled - partially - by hand. Lots of trips to the nearest water thingy on the allotment. I borrowed a wheelbarrow, cleaned out one of the large tub trugs, and then hung the watering can on the tap thing, so the spout acted as a conduit into the trug. I then barrowed the water back to the allotment,  used the watering can to partially empty the trug into the barrel, and then lifted the trug into the barrel.

Several journeys, and one barrrel was a quearter full. Enough to last until Monday when I can arrange to borrow the pump.   A couple more tips and the other barrel had a bit of water in, plus I had refilled all the drinkers.

I'm really glad it's done.

Off for a cup of tea now.

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