Tuesday, 7 June 2011

MIddle Ages

I've reached middle age.

Two days ago, I was trying to read a book in bed and I was having trouble focussing.  Initially I thought maybe my eyes were tired,  I'd been working on the 'puter a lot.   As I struggled to focus,  it dawned on me.

I moved my hands back a bit, so that the book was a tiny bit further away.  The words swam into focus.

It's happened a couple of times since.



  1. No, it's not that you are middle aged, it's just that your arms are too short now.

  2. Same here, trouble is my arms are nearly not long enough now! And I think I had a hot flush the other day :(

  3. Thanks Ladies. Hopefully my arms will be long enough for a few more months, as I got new glasses only a couple of months ago. No hot flushes - yet.