Sunday, 5 September 2010

Big Clean

it's come around again very quickly.  Today was the day for cleaning out the Allotment Coops and spraying them with Poultry Shield.  

It's a bit of a palaver, mainly because we have to wait until the Poultry Shield has dried out before putting everything back.   DH took the opportunity to cut the grass around the allotment, and to strim the weeds in the allotment.

The whole thing took over 3 hours,  and the birds went doolally.

The bonfire (outside the allotment) didn't help.  The combination of the smoke from this, and the roar from the petrol strimmer, convinced Roo that he needed to lead his Girls to safety.  He found a smoke free corner by the shed, and led them there,  then stood on the outside of the corner protecting them.

The Banshees, sorry, Laydees,  were a bit put out that their house was in pieces.  They weren't too happy about the smioke from the bonfire,  but ytheu went beserk when the strimmer reached their end of the alltotment.   Their next door neighbours, the young dinner-chickens,  were rather upset by the noise, and started running around all over the place.

Roo, meanwhile, decided that the Source of All The Problems was the yellow cockerel that had attached itself to my arms and had been to- and fro- each coop in turn.  He ran at it and attacked it with both feet and spurs.   He didn't exactly miss,  but he missed the YellowPeril and hit me instead.

I turned around in shock, and Roo became even more agitated, repeatedly attacking YellowPeril, and occasionally hitting me.  DH helpfully told Roo to calm down,  in that voice that the owners of pampered-pooches use. The one that the pampered pooches completely ignore.

In the end, I dropped YellowPeril on the ground so that Roo could attack it there.  He was a bit confused, as hitting the yellow plastic wasn't the same as hitting flesh.  I turned YellowPeril around, so the inside of it was towards Roo, and Roo stopped suddenly.  He walked towards the trug.  He stuck his head inside the trug.  He looked at me.  I told him he was a stupid bird and that he was attacking a yellow plastic bucket. 

He sloped away to look after his harem again.

Daft bird.

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