Friday, 10 September 2010

6th Night

Left the Green Cube locked shut all day, and waited to see what would happen at BedTime.

I crept out at about 7, and could see that the Big Girls were in the Orange Cube, and the Littlees were still milling about.  There were some abortive attempts to get inside.

At 7.15, it looked as though Tilda had managed to get in the Cube,

At 7.25, Roobarb was still out.  I tried to catch her, she ran away shrieking loudly, and ran up the Cube steps.  Daisy pushed her off the steps as she came out.

At 7.30, everyone seemed to be in the Cube. I opened the door to see all 4 Littlees crammed into the nestbox.  I pushed them into the main part of the Cube.

At 7.35, 3 of them were back in the nestbox.

At 8.00 when it was dark,  3 of them were in the nestbox.  I opened the back of the cube and saw Tilda sitting quietly in one corner, minding her own business.  I removed each Littlee from the nestbox in turn, and popped them in through the back.  Roobarb went bananas, and managed to escape.  It was dark though, so she was disorientated and easy to catch.

The insertions caused a disturbance. Tilda moved, and got pecked (quite nastily) by Lily.  I leant in and pushed Lily down, gently but firmly.

I shut the back, and came in.

So, a definite step forward.  The Littlees managed to get into the Cube without assistance - even if it did mean they had to seek refuge in the nestbox. 

One step forward.

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