Thursday, 9 September 2010

5th Night

So today we kept the run for the Green Cube closed all day.  I cleaned out the Orange Cube, raked up the Aubiose in the main run, Stalosaned, and put itback down. I hetwashed the rubber chippings under the Cube, and Stalosaned.  Topped up the dust bath.  Jet washed the bench and log.  Hung up some more treats.  Jet washed the drinkers...

A bit before bedtime, I opened the door of the Green Cube run so that the BGs wouldh have a choice of where to sleep. Although not much of a choice really: if they chose the green cube, they would be relocated when dark anyway.   Of course everyone then had to get into the Green run,  just to have a look around,  just because they had been excluded from it all day.

Later I checked who had gone where. Daisy, Lily, Delilah were all in the Orange Cube.  Lily was in the Green.  The Littlees were milling about in the Orange run, unable to get in to the Cube.

I scooped up LIly and put her in the Orange Run so that she could go to bed.  She wasn't amused. She didn't climb the ladder.  She had a peck at one of the treat blocks.  She stood watching the Littlees.

Custard tried to get into the Cube, but was rebuffed. at the top of the  ladder.  Tilda, Florence and Roobard sat underneath the Cube.

I caught Florence, opened the back of the Cube and tried to insert her.  She didn't want to be inserted, and flew off.  Custard was again trying the ladder, so I gently nudged Milly out of the way of the door.  Milly took ubrage and went down the ladder, followed by Daisy and Delilah.

I walked back round into the run, and picked up Custard and inserted her into the Cube. Then Tilda.   Then I tried, unsuccessfully, to catch Florence.  Roobarb came up the ladder.  Eventually, Florence succumbed.  I went in the house.

Later,  everyone was in the CUbe.  When it was dark, DH went out to check, and found Custard, Roobarb and Florence in the nestbox. He pushed them back into the main run and shut the nestbox door.  A few seconds later he opened it again, to see that Custard had crept back.  He put her back onto the roosting bars.

I'll remove the Green Cube and run completely in the next day or two.

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