Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Third Morning

Woken from my sleep by a disturbance in the Cube.

I resisted the urge to leap out of bed and run downstairs.  I listened intently, and heard a few more squawrks and complaints,  and I told myself they were anticipatory ones. (you know, where you have a  reaction in anticipation of an action, rather than as a result of an action).

Woken up a bit later by more noises.  DH offered to get up and look.  In the end, he got up and had a look out of the window. Could only see some of the Big Girls, so it didn't seem to be a big deal.

The third time, I decided to get up myself and looked out of the bedroom window.  I came back to the bed, looking concerned.  "How many did you see", DH asked.  "None" I replied, picking up my specs and going back to the window.

I could see several of them.  Everywhere.   Florence, who is a rather large girl but who has no concept of this fact, was teetering on the back pf the Childrens Bench;  One of the Sassos (couldn't see from that far away) was running along one of the perches;    The Big Girls were on the ground.

There was a bit of an altercation. Lily (BG) decided to get on the Bench. Florence (LG) leapt off, unfortunately lannding close to Milly (BG) . Milly turned round and bared her teeth and growled(well, clearly she didn't as hens don't have teeth, and they don't growl, but you know what I mean) and Florence ran off shrieking a though she was being pecked to death.

Teeth gritted, I decided to leave them shut in for a bit longer today.  I could hear Lily calling, and calling, and calling.  And Delilah doingthat wavering "ooooooooohh,, ooooooohhhhh ooooooOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH", moan.

Maybe a note to the neighburs is in order?  Just to let them know that the reason for all the noise is that we are integrating.   Hmmm. I might pop a note in with their eggs this week.

In the kitchen, the minutes ticked slowly past.  I went out just before 9am to open the run door, and all 8 of them were standing in a group, all looking expectantly at me.

I think it was a fluke.

We'll see.

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