Sunday, 5 September 2010

Not straightforward

Well, that didn't work out as I thought.

Custard and Florence were not allowed in the Green Cube with the Big Girls.   Tilda, meanwhile, had taken herself off to bed in the Orange Cube, only to discover it occupied by Daisy.   Daisy did not want company, and would not let Tilda in.

I tried to chaperone Roobarb, Custard and Florence into the run, to give Tilda some moral support. They didn't want to be chaperoned.  Tilda tried again, and was repelled again.

Meanwhile, Lily came down to see what the fuss was,; she crossed the grass, came into the Walkin Run,  and had a look at the stairs to the orange cube.  She ate some oyster shell, and continued to evaluate the situation.  In the end, she decided not to bother, and went back to her own Cube.

I took Daisy out of the orange cube and held her in my arms.  I called Tilda, and Roobarb came instead. She climbed into the Cube, followed by Tilda.  I went off to find Florence and Custard.

I had my arms full, literally, with Daisy,  so I was trying to persuade two bokking girls without success.  Florence finally flew up on to the run of the green Cube, which is quite an impressive feat as it's very high, and she's a big girl.

Of course, I couldn't get her down.  I didn't want to put Daisy down, as I was quite happy for her to be in the Orange Cube, and didn't want to get her confused.  I called for DH.  I called again.  I came in the house and called.  

DH wasn't really interested in Daisy's possible confusion, and I ended up posting her into the nesting box of the Green Cube.   It took the two of us quite a long time to get the two escapees into their run.  As soon as their little feet touched the Aubiose, they ran in and up the steps quite happily, honking away.

It'll be dark enough soon to hoik the Big Girls out of their Cube into the other one.    In a week or so, this will all be a distant memory.

Won't it?

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