Saturday, 11 September 2010

Sausages Again

Did I mention that when my Dad was a very young man, he worked at a Butchers?  He started to make sausages for the Butcher, and these became very, very popular.  By the time he left, he was making 1 ton of sausages a week!

We thought he might like to re-live his youth, and to make sausages with us.  So, on his 75th birthday, we lugged all our sausage making gear (everything, including rusk, the seasonings, the casings, the food mixer to do the mincing, and the vacuum sealer to seal the finished sausages) down (up?) to my parents house in Wales.

We stopped en route at a fantastic butchers shop in Llandeilo (Julian Cooper, Carmarthen Street), who specialise in sausages anyway.  We bought a large quantity of both pork shoulder and belly pork from him, and that's what we took with us to turn into sausages.
Once the meat was skinned and chopped up, it was minced, athe rusk and flavourings added (we did two different mixes) and then each mix was packed into our sausage stuffer...

 DH worked the handle, and Dad guided out the sausages....
..and then Dad turned them into Butchers Links....
We had a mountain of sausages.  I counted out some  of each for Dinner, (for Dad, Mum, Me, DH, DB2 - darling brother 2), and then some more for a snack for DB1 who would be arriving the next day. We portioned the rest up and put them in the freezer.  I made special "Mum" sized portions of the Garlic & Herb ones, as Dad wasn't sure whether he'd like them. 

I think Mum and Dad quite possiby have enough sausages to last them (and any visitors) for months.

DB1 didn't get to try the sausages. They were delicious. Dad developed quite a taste for the Garlic & Herb ones.   All but one were eaten at Dinner.  And the "but one" was given, as a special treat, to Bonny.  Mum and Dad's dog.


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