Saturday, 18 September 2010

Top Cat

This morning I needed to go to a local shop to buy celery and carrot (to make chicken stock), bagels for breakfast, and I needed to pay the paper bill.   So I decided to walk kto the paper shop, which also has a convenience store attached.  This is in one direction from my house.

When I got there, there was no celery. And no bagels.  But I was able to pay my paper bil.   I then had to go to the Village's other convenience shop,  which was in the opposite direction.  Annoyingly, I have to walk all the way back and past my house to get there.

As I came around the corner, our lovely ginger cat, Wash, was coming out of a neighbours garden and was walking across the road in my direction. He stopped dead in the middle of the road when he saw me. I stopped.  We looked at each other.  

I decided the best option was to ignore him and continued.  It didn't work.  He ran after me, and followed me.

I wondered if he would get bored and go home.  This didn't seem likely.

I pictured me having to pick him up and carry him into the CoOp.  That would not end well.  Even if it did, I didn't really want to introduce him to an even wider ranging territory than he already patrolled.  There was nothing for it.  I turned round and walked home.

We had a pleasant stroll together.  Both our cats love to be outside with us, and having Mum for company on patrol seemed to be an especial treat. We reached our drive, and Wash went bombing up it, stopping at the front door.

I opened the door, let him in....then I shut the door and made a run for it.

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