Tuesday, 18 August 2009

More Eggs

Did I mention that one of the Dorkings has gone broody?

Did I say that we'd ordered some Silver Dorking fertile eggs to put under her?

Well, they arrived today (I can highly recommend this ebay seller http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/john_negus/). We've disinfected them and they are waiting, pointy end down, for us to put them under the broody Dorking.

We've also got the incubator ready; we'll put her current eggs in the Incy, and possibly also a couple of the new ones as well.

Watch this space!


  1. Good luck with the fertile eggs Hazel.

    I would love to hatch some chicks, but don't think OH would be too impressed *wink*

    C x

  2. Thanks Christian. I;m sure that once Jase saw the chicks, he'd change his mind. Just think. Any breed you like, as long as you can get the fertile eggs. Although of course you have to be prepared to deal with any cockerels, and with any excess Girls. But you might well be able to find homes for spare Girls!

  3. I went to Poultry Park today and came home with 2 lovely new Isa Browns..and 3 cream legbars eggs to go under on on MY broody Dorkings.....

    Which one has gone broody on you? Willow or Buffy?

    Good luck with her, anyway and hope to see some pics in 3 weeks time :-)