Saturday, 15 August 2009

Chick Peas

My Garden Girls love peas. Whenever I cook some for me, I put extra in for them. I've even given up salting my peas so that the Girls can have them.

This afternoon I was giving the Garden Girls some petits pois, and I decided to see whether the chicks would like some. Up until now all the Chicks have had is their specialist chick feed, so I wasn't sure what they would do when faced with Something New.

I dropped a couple of petits pois in their pen, and then I nearly wet myself laughing.

One of the Ixworths grapped a pea and ran around and around and around the inner ring, chirping loudly. Everyone else gave chase. They all ignored the other peas, all they were interested in was the Pea in this one chick's beak. Eventutally, exhausted, the chick dropped the Pea and one of the others picked it up. Another chick then stole it out of the second chick's beak.

A fourth chick then discovered another pea and tried it. And spat it out in disgust. At that point my sides were hurting so I left them to it.

I'll go back later and see whether any of the Peas have actually been eaten.

DH has come in and said that all the peas have gone.

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