Sunday, 2 August 2009

Balding babes

My Garden Girls have started their annual moult.

I noticed a few days ago that Lily was looing a little "oven ready" underneath so today, when I was giving each of them their Flubenvet-laced cucumber, I had a quick rummage to see what the situation was with each of them.

All bare in the same place. It's not wildly noticeable from above, and they are still laying. I'll need to put a note into next doors' eggs this week to let them know that (a) the Girls are going to look very unkempt and uncared for very soon, and (b) the eggs are likely to stop.

I put Lifeguard Tonic in their water as soon as I spotted Lily's situation and, now that I've confirmed theu're all at it, I'll introduce yoghurt with poultry spice and also some cat food (non chicken variety of course). Feathers are all protein, so they need extra protein in their diet.

Other possibles are tuna in water, and that's probably what we'll give the Dorkings. I need to check them over too to see what stage they are at,

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