Friday, 7 August 2009


WOke up at 1.30am, and decided it was too early for Number 2 to be dry.

Got up at 3.30 am to see if NUmber 2 was dry enough to go in with Number 1. He wasn't. Both chicks were resting in their respective contraptions.

Got up again at 6.00, and decided NUmber 2 was as dry as Number 1 had been, so I popped him in the Brooder. First thing he did was dive for Number 1's legs, to ry and get under them. Obviously thought Number 1 was his mum. Awww.

I watched for a while to make sure they were OK, and left them to it.

Got up at 8.30, and they were asleep. And I noticed that one of the Sassos has pipped. DH just told me *two* of the Sassos have pipped!

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