Friday, 7 August 2009

And now the Sassos...

Two of the Sasso eggs pipped this morning. Later on today, one of started to crack. I dropped a note round to our neigbhours on the Other Side inviting them to bring R over to meet the Day Olds.

They popped over this afternoon, and I promised to let R know if the pipped Sassos started to hatch.

We've got a webcam monitoring them. This evening, in the middle of infusing milk to make a Bechamel sauce, I spotted that one was starting to hatch. I rushed upstairs and to my surprise I found *two* of them were hatching at the same time, one of we hadn't even seen pip!

Phoned CP, and went round to Other Side to see if young R was in.

They are much drier than Numbers 1 and 2; and one of them has huuuuge feet. The other one is leaving little blood spots, we're hoping that this is because he's carrying a bit of bloody shell around.

The other two are the same as they were earlier. Sign of pipping, no activity!

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