Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Egg news

All day, nothing happening on the Egg front.

Lovely next door neighbour, CP, popped over with a parcel, and I told her that they were due today and I'd keep her posted.

Over dinner this evening we started to discuss what might have gone wrong. Given that there are two sets of eggs in the Incubator, and the second set isn't due to hatch until Friday, how long should we give the first set? We decided they might as well wait until Friday.

After dinner, nothing.

Then DH went and had a quick peek at about 9pm, and found that one of the eggs had pipped! This means the chick is starting to emerge. The book says it can tak e4 hours before the chick tries again, and it can take 20 hours for the hatch to complete.

I phoned CP to let her know that it had started, but there wasn't anything to see. I told her I'd call in the morning when we were up so she could come over and take a look.

I'll let the other side know tomorrow, and they can bring young R over to look if they like.

Watch this space!

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