Thursday, 13 August 2009

Chicks move house, part 2 (with pics)

So, we released the chicks into their new home. Understandably, they were a bit nervous; they tried to nibble on the Aubiose.

We moved the new feeder closer to the inner chick-hole, cleared a path, and put food on the path. True to form, it was Boldest Sasso who ventured out first, blocking the doorway. I moved the food a bit further away. Boldest Sasso scooshed forward, still blocking the doorway. I moved the food a bit more, and then Bold Sasso popperd out. Cleopatra Sasso allowed himherself to be picked up and carried to the food. The Ixworths weren't having any of it, thank you very much.

Boldest Sasso had an explore, then let me pick himher up to go to the water. One dip of the beak, and we're fine. The Ixworths refused to move.

In the end I scooped up one of the Ixworths and put them outside. S/he ran around cheeping, then discovered food and started to eat. Other Ixworth refused to come out and started cheeping pitifully. After much effort, I managed to scoop himher up as well and put himher with the others.

Here they are.
1) This is the inner and outer pen

Here are the chicks in the inner pen, before they discovered the ChickHole

And here is Boldest Sasso, can you see the wing development?

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