Thursday, 6 August 2009

Lonely chick

Well, Number One has dried off, and was getting very active in the Incubator. It's been 8 hours since he hatched, and the books say "up to 24 hours" in the incubator.

Number Two is showing no sign of appearing; even when he does it'll take a few hours for hiim to dry off. It'll be during the night, and we dodn't really want to leave Number One in the iIncubator that long.

After much discussion, we decided to transfer Number One to the Brooder. Poor mite was so surprised to find life, thhat he started cheeping vociferously. We showed him the food. We led him to the water and let him drink off a dunked finger. He got distressed when the finger was withdrawn.

Can you give a chick a comfort toy?

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