Tuesday 30 May 2023

Running Start

So much of the new Run is up now, but there is still a lot of work for DH to do.  

I get to help by holding the tape measure so he can check it's all square,  and by saying helpful things like "are you sure they can get down the ladder if we have that there",  or "yes, I'm happy with a door going there",  or "I was just wondering....."

Soon it will be ready for us to decide how to subdivide it to provide separation between the two flocks.   

We might need to include a "no hens land" so they can't actually get to each other through the mesh.  


The Oldies tend to gang up on the Newbies, which I find very unfair. I understand the need to establish the pecking order, and so I try not to interfere when there is a one-on-one spat; I don't like it, but it is what it is.     I really don't like it when a second (or more) hen comes in to kick a hen while she's down.

I'm only letting them free range "together" while I am around to keep an eye and ear out for what's going on.  If I go out, I lock one or both sets away.

The weather has been fabulous, and the hens have been taking advantage of there being  very little netting up in the garden at the moment.   As soon as she realised that there were Strange Hens In The Garden,  Violent gave up being broody.  It's unusual for her, she normally sits tight for many many  weeks .