Monday, 3 May 2021

Waffle waffle

Its funny how I like the same thing fid breakfast every day. Egg on toast, with the eggs being poached for probably 13 days out of 14 and scrambled for the other 

This morning we had no bread.  We always make our own, we just didn't yesterday.  I thought we had "emergency crumpets" (not home made, Warburtons] in the freezer, but it turns out we didn't.

So I made up some savoury waffle batter and we had waffles.   Its been over a year since I last made them,  and I made the rookie error of putting too much batter in the iron. They  were lovely with eggs.

I made too much  batter, so I popped the extra in the fridge. Maybe to have later with some lemon curd.

For dinner, I fancied curry pie.  I had previously frozen some leftover  butter pork in portion sizes  with this in mind.

DH does the pies in our house.  He whips up a batch of shortcrust pastry, and uses a two pie piemaker.  Such a fab gadget! 

He suggested having waffles instead.  So we did!

I made a passable chickpea curry to accompany the butter pork curry [two pie filling sized portions isnt enough without pie] and we ended up cooking all the remaining batter.  We didn't need to, but it was rather delicious. 

We will definitely repeat this. 

Knickers again

I decided to make another pair of keks for DH, this time using the correct seam allowance on the fly pieces and not using swimwear.

As I was going to be binding them, all of them with the same black cotton lycra, and setting up the binder takes a few minutes,  I realised it would be a good idea to make several sets of flys (flies?) in one go.    It worked well, and the binding looked like a kite tail when it was done.  I had 8 pieces (for 4 sets) one after the other.

I made up a pair,  and then another pair.  overlocked some of the scraps togethr to make a waistband in matching fabric, as I don't think the plain cotton lycra has enough zing to do the job. 

I wanted DH to try them before I did anymore,  so I cleared up everything and put all the Knicker stuff in a "project bag" (a very strong bag,  made from recycled plastic, which I bought from Rex London.  I actually bought several (cough) of their bags in various designs and seizes, but that's another story) behind the sofa.  

DH very much approved, which surprised me a little.   He's going to make me an acrylic template for cutting the fly pieces.  I've been using a card template I made, but I have accidentally shaved it with the rotary cutter a few times. so it's less useful at the moment. 

I didn't take a picture of both pairs, but here's one  I used rainbow thread on the looper of the coverstitch, and you can just see a hint of it on the inside hemline.

I'm hoping he makes the template soon as I'd like to get a few more pairs made.

I might even try making some knickers for myself.  I've added it to my extremely long list of "to Make" items.



Total crafty things this year: 36

Sewing based makes: 24;
Inner pad for foot muff; make cover for foot muff;  trim down Superking Duvet to KS and recover edges;
Cushion cover for Miss T; Gift bags for Miss T and GDK;
Dressing Gown;
Cat Duvet, Duvet Cover and Pillowcase;
Cushion cover for living room;
Sleeveless tops (x4);
SBCC top
Overlocker chicken
Curtains for nest boxes (4, but counted as 1 make)~
Boxers for DH (test pairs for sizing - counted as 1,  and then 2 pairs)
Abandoned muslin for LoveNotions Willow Wrap Dress (not counted in total makes)
Apostrophe Patterns Joggers (jellyfiah and space)
Apostrophe Patterns Flared Joggers (black, with big red roses)
Boxes for DH (3 pairs using black cotton lycra with patterned fly)

Learning activities: 10;
Scanning pattern pieces; Making movies; Babylock demo day; Gathering using my overlocker;    Euphy training (circles,using elastic in looper) Gail Yellen's binder course;
Inkscape 1; casting on;  purling; casting off

Non sewing based craft makes: 2
Painted bisque butter dish and had it fired
Knitted Infinity scarf, first attempt (pinks)