Friday, 17 September 2021

Taking my own advice

I've always been sceptical about feng shui etc,  although when a room is packed with stuff, I do feel a bit "blocked" myself.  

When we had visitors a whle back, I'd had to empty the sewing room  guest bedroom, and everything got piled up in the box room.    The pile took over the worktable, which meant I couldn't do any laminating, or binding, or stuff.  I couldn't get to the organ.   

Some of the stuff was/is huge.  I had a cheap king sized duvet, which I'd cut bit from to make et bidding.  It was in a vacuum bag, but hte vacuum was rubbish.  There were/are also a couple of huge cushion inners, brand new and unused, bought because I didn't know what size I needed.

I've tried, several times,  to clear it... but there are a lot of storage things with items dumped in because I don't know what to do with them.

Today I decided tot ake my own advice, and try doind just a small thing.  One box. Or twenty minutes Or something. 

It wasn't going particularly well.   There wasn't room to move stuff around.     I too everything off the desk and stacked it up, boxing myself in to the room.  The postman rang the doorbell, and in my rush to get out there was a bit of an avalanche.

It made me more determined to try and get rid of some  of the clutter at least.

I've managed to:

  • throw away one swing bin liner full of stuff
  • clear out a box so I can use it to store stuff destined for the charity shop,  and filled it with items for the charity shop
  • put a load of sewing related items in their correct places, in the sewing room
  • moved some drawers around so I can get to stuff more easily
  • recycled some boxes that I'd been saving to post things in.  I won't need them.  There will be others coming in anyway. Won' there?!
  • found a space in a cupboard for some larger posting boxes.
  • cleared the desktop and put the office gadgets in their rightful places
  • put some stuff in the loft,  and taken some stuff from the loft to put in the charity box or to throw away

The duvet and the cushions are on the landing, while I decide what to do.   The cushions still have their tags on, so they can go to the charity shop.   Or the loft. The duvet has been hacked around, so I think that will have to go to  textile recycling.  Or the loft.  Except I don't need more stuff up there.

I'm just having a break, then I'll go back and look at it with fresh eyes, and hopefully get to a point where it feels like the room can breathe again.

And then I'll feel a little less blocked too.