Wednesday, 27 September 2023


For the past few months, DH and I have been (re)watching Deep Space Nine, right from the beginning.    

I've seen a number of episodes over the years, but we hadn't watched it properly.    It was very enjoyable watching all of it, in a relatively short space of time.    I really became invested in the characters and their development,  and I wish we'd watched it when it aired originally. 

7 seasons, 26 (ish) episodes per season.  

We haven't been bingewatching,  we normally watch 1 episode a night. 2 if its a cliffhanger. Occasionally we missed a night.    We had a problem when our Sky box crashed and we had to get a new one,  all our recordings were lost,  and the later series were no longer free.    

It was being broadcast again,  but it was well behind where we were and it would be months before the TV caught up with where we'd got to.    I looked at buying the DVDs,  but in the end it was cheaper to subscribe to a service for a few months, so that's what we did.

Yesterday we wtached Season 7, episode 24.   We have only the final pair of episodes left to watch. 

I thought were going to watch them tonight.    I started a load of batch cooking (thank you to Mrs Balbir Singh spices) so we'd have an array of Indian dishes to enjoy while watching.   

DH had made other plans!

I guess it'll be Friday now.   I've potted up some of everything into the little Le Creuset individual casseroles I bought pre-loved,  which are fab for reheating things in the airfryer.  I would never have bought these new,  but they are really great.  They are a neat size  -   I can put a few in the airfryer at once,  they are lidded (which my lovely Falcon enamel bowls aren't)  so it's a really efficient way of heating up a selection of items.    

  I digress.

I batch cooked, so I've also portioned up a load of stuff in the "ready meals" drawer in the freezer:  4 pairs of Beef Rogan Josh (I didn't have any mutton left);  5 (sides for 2 people) of  Keema Masala; 5  (sides for 2 people)  of Chana Massala.   I hadn't got as far as prepping the Lamb Sheekh kebabs (cocktail meatball style), so that's something. 

 It feels like a bit of an achievement.  

I had pasta salad, with yesterday's leftover pasta, instead.