Saturday, 26 November 2022


Busy few days.

Miss Teen loved the room. She loved her new bed, the fairy lights, etc.  She's looking forward to sleeping in the bed.

I did dribs and drabs, and eventually got everything where it needed to be.  Even the machines are now sitting on the workbench,  but I've still got to put the rest of the worktop stuff out.

This morning, we cleared out everything from underneath our bed, and sent Roberto to clean the room.  He had to be rescued to have his bin emptied four times.    Most of the stuff has been found a new home,  or has been identified for selling/donating.   Some of it has already been collected.

We also had to do a load of stuff in the old fruit cage, including moving the two coops that live in there.  Our friend who does some gardening for us pruned the Jostaberry, so we could move stuff.     We also covered the cage with two separate clear tarps.    There wasn't enough to completely cover it, but the two coops are now under cover.

The cats came to investigate and help,  and DH left the door open so the Girls came to look too.  I shooed them out, as we're saving this space.

We also amassed a small pile of rubbish fomr the garden which needs to go to the tip.   I emptied some of the plant pots (we have so many!) into the Girls covered run, and they enjoyed a good rook.  I've got plenty more,  so I'll save them up and space out putting them in. 

I also topped up the dust bath with play sand and woodash.

I'm ready to move the A0 printer into the sewing room,  but I don't have the energy.  

Maybe tomorrow.