Friday, 31 July 2015

Fate has decided

Today I drove all the way to Salisbury to meet Fleur of Wylye Valley Chickens, and to select 2 very young pullets. I left at 7am to miss the traffic, and arrived early.   Fleur was lovely, and she had a lot of absolutely gorgeous chooks of numerous breeds and various ages,  but I stayed firm and restricted myself to 2

A gold Fayoumi and a cuckoo Marans found themselves in my cat basket, and I put them in the hatchback part of my little car to give them the flattest possible ride home.  The journey back took much longer, and the girls were quiet.  It took about 2 or so hours,  so I popped them straight in the closed Go while I sorted out a feeder and stuff. I put some water and a lettuce in with them.

I then opened the pop hole, moved the water and lettuce, and left them to come out in their own time.

Many hours later, they still hadn't come down, so I had to get them out myself.  They look a bit shell-shocked, which isn't surprising. Up to that morning they had been running round in a large pen with many many other chooks and in a very quiet field; then they were transported for a long time; and finally they found themselves in an enclosed run, just the 2 of them. The new noises and smells must have been bewildering at best!

Wash ambled past, and the Fayoumi screamed and hid under the feeder.  Wash isn't used to getting that sort of reaction from a chicken, I hope it doesn't go to his head.

I've offered them mealworms, but they don't want to come anywhere near me. I don't blame them.

Pugsley, the Marans cockerel, has been crowing again.  We're planning to take all the other birds (except the presumed-females Araucana and Appenzeller)to the allotment on Sunday.  That will give the 2 newbies time to recover from their journey before meeting the Araucana and Appenzeller (who will themselves be in a bit of shock from the sudden separation from their brothers and sisters).   I don't know if we'll get away with him being here for 2 more mornings, especially as it's the weekend.  I went round to see the adjoining neighbours to explain, but only one side was in.

I need to get on and decide some names.

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