Wednesday, 8 July 2015


The chicks had their first sleepover in the Cube last night.

The older chicks are already 6 weeks old and, in the normal run of things, would have been overnighting for a week or two already.    The 5 week old Maran is already bigger than everyone else. The Just-over-4-week old Wyandotte is big enough and well feathered.  The 3 youngest chicks are now 4 weeks old, and are still small.   After some thought I decided that they would be fine in the Cube, they could snuggle with the big ones if necessary.

In the end I put the Electric Hen (EH) at one side of the Cube, just in case.... I didnt't sleep well, and woke up wondering if they were too hot. In the end, the image in my mind of  chicks dead through overheating wouldn't go, so I got up and went outside to check.  They were all fine. It wasn't like a sauna in there, so I left it.

This morning the weather isn't great,  so I put the EH back on the ground under the Cube.  The chicks aren't using it at all, but at least it's there.  I also swept out the shed brooder.  I haven't dismantled it - the flooring is still down,  the sides are up,  just in case we need to use it.  If we don't need it in a couple of days, I'll take it all apart, hose and disinfect it, and put it away until next year.

Still no idea on sexing the chickens - although I still think I have "one of each" of the araucanas. 

Have to be patient with the rest.

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