Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Cherry annoying

Every few years we get a decent crop of cherries on our sour cherry tree.  Rarely, we manage to pick them before the birds get them.

This year it looked like we were in for a reasonable crop, so I started to pick cherries a few days ago. This morning, DH and I picked a load more and I judged that I had about enough to make a good batch of Cherry Vodka.  I had rediscovered my first Cherry Vodka recipe a couple of ears ago, but we hadn't had a decent cherry harvest since.

This evening, I got out the cherry stoner. It needed cleaning and disinfecting.  I do this every time I use it, but it still needs it again before use.  I then began the labourious task of destalking the cherries, filling the stoner, using the stoner, and then going round again.   I had two full bowls of stoned cherries, and this weighed about 900g. Perfect.

The recipe called for them to be crushed.  I used my Thermomix on a low speed, and that worked well.  Into a ginormous Kilner jar, added sugar, cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg.  Stirred. And the Kilner jar cracked.

I stared at it in disbelief.

I stared at it, wondering if I could tip the cherries out and still use them.

Of course I couldn't. I touched the crack and that proved to me that I couldn't assume there was no glass particles in the cherries.

I swore.

I wrapped the whole thing up in several wads of newspaper and then in carrier bags, and put it in the bin.

What a shame. What a waste!

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